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What’s the Holiday It’s All in the Lights

What’s the Holiday? It’s All in the Lights!

With the wide availability of LED outdoor lights, homeowners are taking their decorating creativity to a whole new level.  Holiday lighting is no longer limited to the Christmas season.  More and more people are celebrating every season with…
Halloween Decorating - It Gets Bigger Every Year

Halloween Decorating - It Gets Bigger Every Year

Americans spent $9.1 billion on Halloween in 2017, up from $8.4 billion in 2016 (according to the Halloween Industry Association). What will 2018 hold? We’re pretty sure it will be even more! Besides buying candy and costumes (for children,…
LED vs. Incandescent - Which is Best for Outdoor Holiday Lighting?

LED vs. Incandescent - Which is Best for Outdoor Holiday Lighting?

The holidays are coming, and soon homes everywhere will be sporting beautiful holiday lighting designs. Today’s lighting options have come a long way since the large, old-fashioned holiday bulbs you may remember from your childhood. With…
Holiday Lighting Promo

Holiday Lighting Installation Special

The holidays are coming up fast and so will everything else… the shopping, the entertaining, and of course, the decorating! Outdoor Christmas lighting creates an instantaneous holiday spirit that greets  you and your family each time you…

3 Reasons Why September Is the Right Time to Schedule Holiday Lighting

September marks the beginning of fall, football, and apple picking. The savvy homeowner also recognizes that this is the best time to book holiday lighting with a reputable lighting design and installation expert.  Here are three reasons…
Christmas Light Colors

What Your Christmas Light Colors Say About You

'Tis the season of lights! Our favorite part of Christmas is checking out all the twinkly, glowing lights decorating the neighborhoods. We notice that different people are drawn to different colored ornaments and decorations. Some preferr…