What Your Christmas Light Colors Say About You

Christmas Light Colors

‘Tis the season of lights! Our favorite part of Christmas is checking out all the twinkly, glowing lights decorating the neighborhoods.

We notice that different people are drawn to different colored ornaments and decorations. Some preferr a blue Christmas, while others choose the traditional silver and gold. And, there were a few daring individuals who use bright colors, like purple.

Have you ever wondered what your Christmas light colors say about you?

The Research

So, we did a little research and discovered the reason for this! We found out that the colors you choose to deck your halls can tell you a lot about your personality. What are your favorite Christmas light colors or Christmas decorations? Read on to find out what that says about you!

Do You Like Green?

If you like green Christmas decorations and lights you probably enjoy being outdoors since green generally represents nature. It may be that the color green can relieve holiday stress, too. Green can also embody good luck and health, serenity, and revitalization. Lovers of green tend to be calm, successful individuals.

Do You Like Red?

People who choose red Christmas lights or decorations because they are passionate and energetic. People who are high functioning and intelligent tend to prefer red. The color is often associated with love, contentment, and passion. And, Santa’s suit!

How About Blue?

The color blue is mainly linked with peace and tranquility. Individuals who are honest and traditional tend to like the color blue. Blue is also thought to increase productivity which is why it is often seen in office buildings and schools.

Is White Your Choice?

White lights are the most traditional color. Those who like to be among friends and family during work and celebrations will prefer white lights and Christmas decorations. White affiliated with innocence, purity, and equality. People who hang white Christmas lights are seen to make fair judgments when it comes to others and they try hard to look forward and not live in the past.

What About Purple

If you prefer violet or purple lights or decorations you might have a strong hold on your emotions and have a vibrant imagination. There is a prevalent association with wisdom and spirituality. Historically, people use rich purple colors to represent wealth and royalty.

To Conclude

It might be fun to look at the psychology behind Christmas Decorations to learn more. But these theories do not pertain to everyone. Just because you prefer blue lights doesn’t mean you aren’t just as passionate as someone who likes red.

Whatever your favorite color might be, Christmas Decor by Arvidson can incorporate these colors into your outdoor lighting and Christmas decorations. See how you can get your favorite Christmas light colors in your outdoor decorations here.

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