It’s a Bright Idea to Book Holiday Lighting Early!

It’s a Bright Idea to Book Holiday Lighting Early

Christmas may not be the first holiday that comes to mind in September, especially in 2020 when we have so many more distractions caused by COVID-19 and election year politics.

However, the savvy homeowner recognizes that this is the best time of year to book holiday lighting with a reputable lighting design and installation expert.

Here are three reasons it’s a bright idea to book holiday lighting early this year:

#1: Decorating slots fill up quickly.

Many homeowners have year-to-year contracts with their holiday lighting installers.  These customers are already on the schedule. This limits the number of decorating slots available to new customers.

Wait too long, and you may not be able to get lights installed until mid-December.  For those people who delay planning holiday lighting until after Halloween, they run the risk of not being able to find available slots to get the full value of a beautiful lighting design.

#2: Eliminate the stress of the busy holiday schedule.

Planning ahead helps remove the added stress that can sometimes take over during the rush of the season.

When you schedule your holiday lighting in September, it’s one less thing to worry about in November and December when time seems to disappear more quickly.

Waiting until November to call an installer could end in a disappointing experience if they have already filled all of their installation slots.  Who wants to spend time trying to reach installers during the busiest time of the year?  It can lead to frustration for everyone.

#3: COVID-19 continues to cause disruption.

We all hoped this pandemic would be fully behind us by now. Yet, it continues to create certain supply chain shortages across many industries.

Booking early helps installers more accurately assess product needs. This helps ensure that home decorations arrive without delays and in the quantities needed to meet the demand. Demand for the service begins to grow after Halloween, so early booking is the key to being able to flip the switch on a holiday display earlier, rather than later.

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“Home and business owners begin to understand the value of our services after they spend hours working in the cold on the perfect holiday light display, climb down off the ladder, and see that their results are not what they expected or planned,” says Dennis Marunde, owner of Christmas Decor by Arvidson. “Our professional designers and installers will create the holiday look you have in mind; maintain a ‘just-decorated’ look throughout the season’ and then remove, inspect, and store the decorations until the next season. It’s a small investment that pays off big in quality, convenience, and peace-of-mind.”

It’s time to book holiday lighting!

Christmas Decor by Arvidson is the premier holiday event and Christmas decorating company in the Crystal Lake, St. Charles and Palatine, Illinois areas.  Christmas Decor by Arvidson professional Christmas light installers are well recognized as the “go-to” holiday decorating service experts.

The turn-key service includes design, installation, maintenance, and storage.  To inquire about a holiday lighting design for your home, give them a call at (815)701-0072 or complete the form, and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

Don’t wait till it’s too late!  Contact us today!