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Holiday Lighting Promo

Holiday Lighting Installation Special

The holidays are coming up fast and so will everything else… the shopping, the entertaining, and of course, the decorating! Outdoor Christmas lighting creates an instantaneous holiday spirit that greets  you and your family each time you…
Christmas Light Colors

What Your Christmas Light Colors Say About You

'Tis the season of lights! Our favorite part of Christmas is checking out all the twinkly, glowing lights decorating the neighborhoods. We notice that different people are drawn to different colored ornaments and decorations. Some preferr…
Prevent Holiday Lighting Installation Injuries and Mistakes

Prevent Holiday Lighting Installation Injuries and Mistakes

Christmas time is here! Well, almost. With the end of fall fast approaching, it’s time to start planning your Christmas decorations. In this article, we look at preventing holiday lighting installation injuries and mistakes. Holiday Lighting…
decorated family

The Decorated Family Program

The Christmas Décor Decorated Family program provided us with an opportunity to do something nice for local Navy Reserves servicewoman by providing an unexpected holiday lighting installation this year.